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with Physio + Pilates Noosa

Physio + Pilates Noosa


At Physio + Pilates Noosa, we provide physiotherapy treatment for all musculoskeletal conditions—from acute sprains and strains, to more complex, long-term aches and pains.

By taking extra time to find out the cause of your problem  we can treat you more effectively. We listen.

Our treatments are hands-on, and our aim is to get you back to work or play as quickly as possible. We will teach you strategies to manage your condition, which may include a private or group exercise programme or take home exercises. You may also wish to maintain your health and fitness gains from Physiotherapy treatment, by moving on to a Pilates exercise programme.

Our sedentary lifestyles are leading to increasing lack of mobility and postural pain. The less you move, the less you CAN move.

Our goal is to get you moving and keep you moving, without pain. We take the time to treat you effectively, so you won’t have to keep coming back for on-going treatment.


Pilates is the feel-good exercise for every body. Initially adopted by the dance community, Pilates has now become part of the exercise regime for people of all shapes , sizes, and fitness levels. The beauty of our small group studio pilates classes, is that the exercise level can be adapted to your individual needs and fitness goals. Under the supervision of our highly qualified instructors at Physio + Pilates Noosa, you will discover the importance of correct alignment, core strength, and efficient, safe movement. You will learn about, (and feel) muscles you never knew existed. When you move better, using those smaller, very important muscles, you feel better.

You will find, after doing Pilates even for a short period of time, your posture, strength, flexibility and balance will improve noticeably. Pilates will reward you with longer leaner muscles, a stronger core and enhanced body awareness.

Would you like to maintain a healthy lifestyle, keep active and moving without the restriction of pain? At Physio + Pilates we offer you the opportunity to become more mobile, strong and flexible so you can continue to enjoy doing the things you love!

Call or email us to find out how Pilates can change your life for the better.