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Is Pilates here to stay or just another fad?

Pilates has been around for nearly a century, so it can not really be called a fad. Instagram shots of beautiful people doing extraordinary Pilates moves has made it trendy as people search for the latest and greatest exercise programme. I have been teaching Pilates for around 17 years, and I still have clients who started with me all those years ago at Noosa Springs. In that time, I have seen many exercise trends come and go: step classes,  Tae-Bo, Zumba, pole dancing, body pump, spin classes, and now HIIT, and Fit45. They all have their place, and still have devotees, but I bet not many are still doing them in 17 year’s time! Pilates as we teach it at Physio + Pilates Noosa can be adapted to any age and fitness level, is challenging, fun, not competitive, and just makes you feel good. You don’t have to look good in lycra to attend – nobody cares how you look. However, once you have been doing pilates for a while, and you start to stand taller, move better, with improved muscle tone (tuck shop arms begone!), people will start to notice, and lycra won’t be so scary. So, Pilates is not a fad, but it IS an addiction. Once you start, you will find that if you stop for some reason, you will start to feel stiff, lethargic, and just plain yuk. Once you get back on that Reformer, all is right with the world again.

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